Andrea Revellado - Andres Marcos - Wondermachine Music Andres Marcos / Clarabella Olssen (ESP/SUI) the founder of Wondermachine, is a Spanish multi-instrumentalist based in Zurich. Inspired by jazz and weird electronic music … hates rules. Clarabella Olssen is his alias for spontaneous musical structures based on live improvisation and field recordings.
 Jonathan Mangelinckx - Wondermachine Music
Jonathan Mangelinckx (BEL) 
Electronic design for visual music. Jonathan is our brilliant designer, based in Bruxelles. His unique approach is part of the Wondermachine identity.
storlon - wondermachine
Storlon (SUI)
Immesed 20 years ago in electronic music within Geneva’s underground community, Storlon is nowadays distilling some deep organic and destabilized grooves from his Alpine retreat.
Rutti Savrola (Ingemar Stålholm) - Wondermachine Music
Rutti Savrola (SWE) 
Rutti Savrola is the midnight aspect of Ingemar Stålholm, a suave gentleman interested in complicated grooves and polyrythmic excersises. Rutti lives for the moment and gives no guarantees. His self titled release on Wondermachine is his first appearance, and certainly not his last.
Jarz - Wondermachine Artists -
Jarz (NL) Jarz sounds like experimental/emotional/soulful minimal influenced by jazz and funk combined with ambient sound. He is a ”out of the box” thinking producer/dj always trying something different with always jazz/funk as his inspiration.
Under the alias Gino Maduro he has released music on labels like Autist Records and Empro music.
Revy (Kevin Lind) - Wondermachine Music
Revy (USA) Revy (Kevin Lind) is the man behind Bleepsequence. He is a very prolific artist with a weird and wonderful sound and a personal vision of music. His tracks tell stories and he is an important contributor of the netlabel scene.
Shunsuke Akimoto - Wondermachine Music
Shunsuke Akimoto (JAP)
Shunsuke Akimoto (Banjhaman) is based in Tokyio. He creates spooky, experimental sounds using techno as a foundation. His music is influenced by many different styles, and the result is a very personal sound signature, that takes you to places.
Florist (Florian Stuetzer) - Wondermachine Music
Florist (GER)
Florist musically based somewhere between minimal , deep , house music . he runs the label “park recordings” and is part of the live projects called “der kutscher und sein gaul” and “fokus!” . he also is the man behind “schlicktunes” which gives free music for everyone.
Marteaux (Martin Briano) - Wondermachine
Marteaux (ARG)

Martin Briano, also Marteaux, is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and actually based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His life always been dedicated to music learning. Influenced by jazz, his music is characterized by complex shifted beats and ingenious structures.

Pachyderme (Franco Bellavita) - Wondermachine
Pachyderme (ARG)

Franco Belavita aka Pachyderme was born in the city of Cordoba in 1990. He’s an eclectic and interdisciplinary artist, his soundscapes  are build layer by layer,  delicately painting the canvas with textures made from field recordings, instruments  and D.I.Y sound devices. He’s actually running a experimental collective art project called ” The Cephaloid Eye”.

mod2&nino - Wondermachine Music
 mod2&nino (FRA)

Brothers duo mod2&nino, producing music from their laboratory in the Parisian suburbs.

They like to experiment minimal techno and swing , warm and natural, big bass drums and rich musical composition with jazz influences.
Three Angles - Wondermachine Music
 Three Angles (ITA)
Longer the creative path…. there is always to understand and above digest, all that remains is poked out impetuously. Give vent to our emotions, our paranoia, turning them into rhythm, sound, passing through the sounds of life, experiments and alchemy.
AVVI (Vital Avtushkov) - Wondermachine Music
AVVI is the solo project of Vital Avtushkov, former member of the duo Mono’ono. He lives in Belarus and his music is the entryway to an inner world in constant dialogue with nature. The purpose of his work is the development of an organic language nondependent from guidelines.
Myniciush - Wondermachine Music
Myniciush (COL)
Myniciush is a monster created in 2008 by two music unconventional lovers based in Colombia. Their musicis influenced by surrounding sounds, creating any ambiance according to the facing environment.
Gera Taraman - Mizgir - Wondermachine Music
Mizgir (UKR)
Mizgir is the alias for electronic music used by Georg (Gera) Taraman. He is a trained multi-instrumentalist in classical, jazz and hindu traditions. The alias “Mizgir” was taken as tribute to the Rimsky-Korsakov opera “The Snow Maiden: a spring fairy tale” (Russian: SnegUrochka) based on the like-named play by Alexander Ostrovsky. The character “Mizgir” is a wealthy and passionate, which resonates with an inner side of this musical project.
Leonel Jacquier - Wondermachine Music
Leonel Jacquier (ARG)
Leonel Jacquier, based in Cordoba – Argentina, generates atmospheres combining techno with sounds of nature with an experimental approach.
Noe Visible (Jose Vallejo) - Wondermachine Music
Noe Visible (COL) Noe Visible lives in Medellin – Colombia has found his proper, spiritual, language. Everything is influenced by waves, and human beings are material frequencies.
John Foley - Wondermachine Music John Foley (USA) John Foley is a DJ, programmer, experimental sound artist and writer based in Providence, Rhode Island – USA. He is the man behind the Fieldhouse, alongstanding show at Brown University’s BSRlive which features quirky electronic made out of field recordings. His aural focus over the last two decades has been deeply rooted in experimental avantgarde and freedom broadcasting.
Flat Nandez - Volt Compound - Wondermachine Music Flat Nandez (ESP/GER) Flat Nandez aka Rafael Fernandez has Spanish and German roots and is based in Zurich. He is a one man band combining electronics with grooves from the 80s, 70s, 60s or even earlier with character that seems to disappear in music nowadays.  As alternative to average digitalism, he captures the perfect fusion between acoustic, electric and analogue instruments. Music business and fame are not the main focus, Rafael  is authentic and concentrates rather on groove and dirt.
Remy Taret - N'Guyen Huy Hoang - Wondercast 007 - Wondermachine Taret (BEL) Rémy Taret is based in Bruxelles and has Vietnamese, Spanish and French roots. He is an electronic music kid, his parents worked at the Dan’s Club in Toulouse, famous for its afterhours. He grow up in the nightlife and the love for minimalistic music. His mixes are passionate, intercultural and with no barriers..
Adriano Mirabile - Wondermachine Music Adriano Mirabile (SUI/IT/DE) Adriano Mirabile, based in Bern – Switzerland, looks back to a time with a deep insight into all facets of electronic culture! Today, he says, “I want to miss a single minute,” this time has also influenced, among other things, its current work as a producer. The music since long has come in his soul and flows in the studio in his tracks. . His path leads him step by step moving forward. Stories he wants to tell, pushing forward into the deepest grounds, touch and seduce!
Piotr Cisak - Wondermachine Music Piotr Cisak (POL) Piotr Cisak (Kepa Yew) lives in Gdansk – Poland plays livesets melting records, live sequences, field recordings and instruments. He also operates the blog “Prima-Materia”. He is an eclectic artist, with a vision. His atmospheres are dark, narrative and evolve exploring new territories.
Tarana - Ravish Momin - Rick Parker - A Fire of Flowers Grows Around Us - Wondermachine Music Tarana (USA) Tarana is a Trombone/synth (Rick Parker) & Drums/electronics (Ravish Momin) DUO, based in Brooklyn – New York, that blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, while blending a vast array of influences, ranging from Jazz to Juke to  Minimal Techno. Using digital and analog electronics, they layer live loops, melodies, textures and sounds on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound that also explores deep-grooving rhythms from across the world. / 
khmgnff - wondermachine - barbara khamouinguinoff KHMGHNFF (GER/FR) Born in Limogne-en-Quercy (FR), Barbara Khamouguinoff is now based in Berlin. She collaborates with the POOL Kollektiv, melting musical improvisation and visual art. Barbara takes also care of the artistic direction of the Paris based label Micromood where she has also published the Collage EP..
demas - thomas bäz - wondermachine music Demas (GER/) Demas (Thomas Bäz, Berlin) contributes generously and continuously to the electronic music scene since many years. He is the man behind Klangscheiben and a myriad of projects. Master of microsampling and extroverted composer, he has a clearly recognisable imprint, achieved by meticulous research and a developed instinct for abstract forms.
Ramon Macia - Ramacod - Wondermachine Music Ramacod (ESP) Based in Girona, Spain, and with a musical background orbiting around jazz, funk, groove and ska, Ramacod (Ramon Macià) has created a mental musical salad that he tries to explore and exploit in every release. His productions are heavily based on a cut-n-paste, microsampling technique, always pursuing that magical moment when apparently diverse an unconnected sound samples earn a new life when put together, and the music that emerges becomes more than the sum of its parts.
Antonina Oowt - Wondermachine Antonina Owt (RUS) the interpersonal musical intelligence out of Russia. tags : microsampling, funk, microhouse, click’n’cuts