AVVI - Subtle Mental Mechanics - Wondermachine 006

Subtle Mental Mechanics is the first solo album of AVVI (Vital Avtushkov).

Vital believes in higher cosmic intelligence, stars show us the way and give us protection, this is an attempt to communicate with them.

As a rupture to the work done with Mono’ono explores new music directions and develops a very individual language, influenced by minimal, dub, ambient, the use of live instruments and research done in the integration of noise.

Vital went back to his natal village in Belarus to open himself and work on this album, which is a journey into the very personal history of his life, reflecting past and present.

Subtle Mental Mechanics is an invitation.

Released 23 July 2013
Music by AVVI (Vital Avtushkov)
Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Total time: 57 min 14 sec

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