[WOND007] Mizgir - Mizgir EP - Wondermachine Music
Mizgir invites you to his secret garden. The music on this EP is universal, intriguing, and romantic. Following its own rules, the approach of Mizgir is soulful, organic, integrating instrumental parts played live as well as improvisational elements. Classical, ethnic, jazz, electronics and silence are the main influences in this open concept.
The track “Starostin” features Sergei Starostin playing rozhok from “Shymel Kamish” and the track “Esenin” features vocal cuts from Sergei Starostin song “Devki”.
Arctic Sunrise Intro and Arctic Sunrise are tribute tracks for the crew of Arctic Sunrise, imprisoned in Murmansk – Russia.

Music by Mizgir (Gera Taraman)
Artwork by Jonathan Mangenlinckx
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez

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