Ramacod - Ramon Macià - Fang - Wondermachine Music

Based in Girona, Spain, and with a musical background orbiting around jazz, funk, groove and ska, Ramacod (Ramon Macià) has created a mental musical salad that he tries to explore and exploit in every release. His productions are heavily based on a cut-n-paste, microsampling technique, always pursuing that magical moment when apparently diverse an unconnected sound samples earn a new life when put together, and the music that emerges becomes more than the sum of its parts. ‘Fang’ (‘mud’ in catalan) is an attempt to go back to the signature sounds that are on the base of his musical taste, work with them, massage and mold them until they become the dough for a new bread. This project has also taken a new dimension with the remixes of three fabulous sample manglers like Flat Nandez, Oowt and Nigel Perera.

Music by Ramacod (Ramon Macià)
Remixes: Flat Nandez, Antonina Oowt, Nigel Perera
Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering by Tobias Lorsbach