Flat Nandez - Volt Compound - Wondermachine 011

Flat Nandez – Volt Compound (album)

Visionary and unclassifiable, Volt Compound is the musical history of Flat Nandez. Influenced by almost everything: house, swing, blues, techno, funk, but also television and poetry – Flat Nandez simply pursues an ideal aesthetic made of surprising contrasts. Raw and refined, his work integrates every kind of sound source with an impressionistic attitude. The interaction between man and machine encounters instrumentalism in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.

Flat Nandez aka Rafael Fernandez has Spanish and German roots and is based in Zurich. He is a one man band combining electronics with grooves from the 80s, 70s, 60s or even earlier with character that seems to disappear in music nowadays. As alternative to average digitalism, he captures the perfect fusion between acoustic, electric and analogue instruments. Music business and fame are not the main focus, Rafael is authentic and concentrates rather on groove and dirt.

Music by Rafael Fernandez
Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering by Tobias Lorsbach

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