We want to invite you to our voyages.

Every Wondercast is the expression o f the very personal vision and presents the cultural baggage of every artist. It is more than music, it is emotional and passionate storytelling.


[WONDERCAST001] Pachyderme - Delicate Tension - Wondermachine Music [WONDERCAST002] Myniciush - Pata De Fllamingo - Wondermachine Music Revy - Off The Grid - Wondercast 003 - Wondermachine
 wondercast 004 Leonel Jacquier - We Save Our Forests - Wondermachine Music  wondercast005-petalo-de-luna-by-noe-visible  Wanderlust by John Foley - Wondercast 006
 Piotr Cisak - Kolonia Artystów - Wondermachine Music  WONDERCAST007] N’Guyen Huy Hoang by Taret  Andres Marcos Revellado - Il Gran Caldo - Wondercast 009 - Wondermachine Music
 wondercast010 - KMNGNFF - Baguenauder  Aeolian Processes - Storlon - Wondercast 011